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What People Are Saying About DogWatch of Southern Connecticut

Nancy B.

Lily and Daisy are doing great with the fence. I truly never thought it would be that quick and easy to train them. I also liked your GENTLE way of training them. I would definitely recommend you and your product to anyone who is looking into purchasing a hidden fence system. Thanks again.


Nancy B.

Marilyn & Bill

We LOVE the dog fence system. It has worked very well with our own very active German Shorthair Pointer. She chases birds and squirrels but does not leave the yard or chase joggers down the street like before. Chris was very patient and an excellent trainer. It was simple: Dixie learned very fast. I would recommend it to anyone who wants their dog safe and still be able to run around.


Christine List

My name is Christine List and I am a local behavior dog trainer. I have had my fence system for a little over three years now and I have been very pleased with it! We have five dogs and three kids. Occasionally I would come home to find our garage doors left open or gates not latched. Chris properly secured our property so our whole family could come in and out with no worries!

Chris K.

This system has been fantastic - keeping our two dogs, a big Shepherd and a small Cavalier, safe. Our wood perimeter fence could not contain our determined dogs. The Hidden Fence keeps them from wandering into the street and prevents them from getting into the hillside portion of our back lot where ticks abound. Their customer service is the best.

Linda D.

We really like our dogwatch fence. Our two Rotts stay in perfectly.


Teri W.

I am writing to let you know how much my husband and I enjoy having your DogWatch Hidden Fence system for our two Golden Retrievers. It is so nice to sit outside and have our dogs be able to play and run with each other without the fear of having them run away. I truly believe they are getting much more exercise by having DogWatch. As you know, I was skeptical of any sort of hidden fence system, but with the technology that DogWatch offers and the WONDERFUL training you provided I am now TOTALLY confident that this system will keep my dogs in their yard. We absolutely, positively love our DogWatch Hidden Fence system!!


Laura and Pete S.

Thank you so much for installing and training our DogWatch system. We just love it! There is nothing more enjoyable than having our dogs out in front with us and not worrying about what they are getting into in the back. My flower beds look much better now that they are not allowed in there! The training made a noticeable difference! It also helped with the jumping up and house training.



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